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Tried and Tested: Fake Tan Review

I tested 3 Fake Tans (Bali Body, St. Tropez, and Bondi Sands – in that order) so you don’t have to. My skin is super pale and incapable of obtaining a natural tan *cry* so take into account that my skin is about ten shades whiter than the before picture. Here’s what I thought:

Bali Body – dark self tanning mousse
Overall, I give this fake tan
£25.95 (200ml) Bali Body is definitely a great fake tan, but it didn’t tick all the boxes for me, so I don’t know if I’d buy again at this price. 3/5
Smell: I don’t like the smell of Bali Body at all – sorry. It reminds me of the floor cleaner at work. It’s fine once you’ve washed it off though. 1/5
This was so easy to apply, the dark guide colour made it practically impossible to make it streaky. However, it did feel quite sticky, as if it didn’t ever dry completely. That being said, I didn’t notice any staining on my clothes or bedding. 4/5
The colour is dark and natural, but slightly on the orange side for my pale skin tone. I think this would look better on someone with a darker complexion than mine. 4/5
Lasting Power:
This tan only lasted about 3 days with daily showering, but I was impressed with how evenly it faded. I think Bali Body is perfect for nights out. 2.5/5

St. Tropez – classic bronzing mousse
Overall, I give this fake tan

Price: £27.95 (240ml) This is pricier than the other two, but you do get slightly more product. I also felt a little goes a long way so I really felt like I got my money’s worth. 3.5/5
Smell: This tan has a fresh, subtle scent that reminds me of holidays. Beautiful. 4/5
Application: Like Bali Body, St. Tropez was super easy to apply because of the guide colour. Not much product was needed to give an even coverage. It dried quickly, but there was a lot of colour transfer to my clothes and bedding. 3/5
Look: This gives you a very natural looking golden tan. 4/5
Lasting Power: St. Tropez lasted the longest, pushing a week. It did come off quite unevenly, but it wasn’t anything exfoliation couldn’t fix. I’ll definitely be using this tan for holidays (roll on the end of quarantine). 5/5

Bondi Sands – dark self tanning foam
Overall, I give this fake tan

Price: £14.95 (200ml) In my humble opinion, Bondi Sands is such a quality product at this low price. This is the one I know I’m definitely buying again. 5/5
Smell: The coconut scent was so overpowering at first, but once it mellowed out I loved it. It literally does smell good enough to eat. 5/5
Application: Again, this was so easy to apply as it had a guide colour. It dried super quickly, and staining was minimal. 4/5
Look: Bondi Sands definitely gave the colour that best suits my skin tone. The result is a dark olive tan. 5/5
Lasting Power: This tan lasted almost as long as St. Tropez, but faded more evenly. For me, this is the perfect every day tan. 4.5/5


I’d love to know which fake tans are your favourite (so I can try some more), and what you think of these ones! Thank you so much for reading.

4 thoughts on “Tried and Tested: Fake Tan Review

  1. Ive been using St. Moriz for ages now and I love how cheap it is but honestly it only last a few days, definitely think I might swich to Bondisands! Ty x

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