Artists to Follow on Instagram

I follow tons of artists on Instagram, so I thought why not share a few (if 15 counts as a few) of my favourites with you:

Shuturp, also known as Ellie Hopley, creates simple line characters that are consistently amusing. I love. She also has her own clothing line, I want everything pls.

The drawings are flawless and I could basically just look at them forever.

Harry Hambley is the genius behind ketnipz. His cartoons, featuring Bean and friends – the dog is my personal fav, are forever uplifting and funny.

I discovered Malena’s art when scrolling through Pinterest. I was immediately in awe of her colourful, surreal style and her uncanny portraits.

I’ve followed Ruby on insta for years and have never been disappointed. The content is always a surprise but her point of view is always the same. Her cartoons are usually very silly, but she also gets very real about life and mental health.

Nathan shows us the world through the eyes of his endearing alien characters. It can help put things in perspective sometimes.

Hayden has always been my favourite fashion illustrator. He re-imagines celebs and cartoon characters in his distinctive style.

The acrylic masterpieces of Javier Mayoral are often suggestive and provocative, executed so brilliantly that no one should be allowed to get mad at their content.pulpbro

If you don’t know this man’s art then you desperately need to crawl out from under your rock. There’s something about the haphazard style and ridiculous content that I just really really like.

Liana’s art is often insanely relatable, much of it being scathing depictions of our wordless day to day interactions between strangers.

Every one of Amber’s pieces features an animal character (fantastic already) whose names can be found on her website. Sometimes the message is silly, sometimes it’s serious, either way I love em.

There’s something gothic and haunting about Sara Hagale’s style that I can’t help but adore.

Another one I found when trawling through Pinterest. Angel’s style is beautiful, and I’m mostly in awe because I know any attempt I make to replicate it wouldn’t even come close.

I will forever be amused by the vacant expressions and blunt speech of Hiller’s characters. I want them all on my wall, thanks.

Jack’s style is like ‘grizzly tales for gruesome kids’ grew up and became aesthetic. If his art isn’t your thing, he also makes incredible music.

None of the photos are my own, credit belongs to the respective artists mentioned in this post. No copyright intended.

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