Evening Pamper Routine

Self-care is a necessity, and sometimes it’s necessary to take it beyond the more simple ‘drink enough water’ and ‘get 8 hours of sleep a night’. Sometimes you need a bit of time out to indulge and pamper yourself. Here’s a few things I do to get myself back to feeling (and looking) my best:

  • Exfoliate – I usually exfoliate my entire body using my EcoTools Dry Body Brush. Not only does dry brushing get rid of dry skin, but it also improves circulation and makes it easier to apply moisturiser/fake tan as it leaves your skin so smooth. If I’m feeling extra, I’ll use my Grounded Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub instead. What’s not to like about an exfoliator that makes you smell delicious?
  • Shower – I would say bath but I don’t have one, so a shower’s the next best thing. Normally I have to be a quick-morning-shower-person or a I-think-this-gym-shower-is-burning-me-person, so when I get the chance to actually enjoy a shower, I make the most of it. I wash my hair with my favourite shampoo (right now that’s Aussie‘s Aussome Volume Shampoo, if you were wondering) and use my yummiest smelling body wash, Crème Brulée Bath and Shower Foam from the ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ collection by nspa.pppp
  • Hair + Skincare – As soon as I’m out of the shower, I moisturise with the Amber Heaven Body Lotion by Mandara Spa, which is sold as part of a set. It smells insanely good. If I don’t do a facemask (currently loving the Garnier Sheet Masks) then I’ll go straight onto my skincare routine, you can see what products I use for that in this blog post. Then I’ll either blow-dry my hair, or I’ll braid it into 2 french plaits so that I wake up with beachy waves in the morning.
  • Finishing Touches – I love having freshly manicured nails, and I find painting them so therapeutic. I’m currently obsessed with the gorgeous blush pink colours Eternal Optimist and Not Just a Pretty Face by Essie. Once my nails are dry, I apply the Skinny Tan Mousse. Having really pale skin, I’m a fan of the naturalness of this fake tan. I keep my tan topped up with their Tanning Oil.

Let me know in the comments your favourite way to pamper yourself!



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