A Week In Austria

A few months ago, I visited the beautiful country of Austria. My Dad and younger brother went to Austria for the first time in 2013, and their photos made me more envious than I would happily care to admit! Three years on, we decided that we should all go back there together.

Day One: After the flight from Manchester to Munich (courtesy of Singapore Airlines, so good!) we spent 7 hours – only 5 hours more than intended – searching for the town of Mayrhofen, situated in the Zillertal region of Austria. Looking out the window of our German-speaking hire car (we did work out how to change the satnav to Englih, eventually),  Austria proved itself to be more beautiful than I had imagined: chalet-esque buildings, rolling green meadows and majestic mountains for miles around. We spent our week in an apartment, but ate most of our meals at the wonderful Kramerwitz Hotel.

Day Two: The first day of a holiday is meant for exploring, so that’s exactly what we did. Our wanderings led us up the first mountain of the week (okay, we didn’t actually walk up, we went by cable car). The views were insane and the weather was glorious.

Day Three: Having been super lazy the previous day, taking the cable car all the way up to the top of a mountain, we decided to up our game and take the cable car only half way up today’s mountain, the Wanglspitze. The process taught me that I love the German language, and also that I’m very unfit. We then spent the afternoon in Innsbruck, a gorgeous city with the yummiest ice cream, and possibly the luckiest uni students ever.

Day Four & Five: We didn’t have the best weather on the fourth day, but being the troopers we are, we made our way to a mountain cabin to eat schnitzel (because did you really go to Austria if you didn’t eat any schnitzel?). The next day, we went to see the Hintertux glacier. My Dad and brother were shocked by how much the glacier had shrunk in the 3 years since they last visited. Although the view was breathtaking and the cold temperature in August was a little mind-boggling, it was a strong reminder that global warming is very real. Having arrived by cable car, we decided to descend from above the clouds on foot.

Day Six: My Dad’s a bit of a nerd when it comes to any type of vehicle, so we took the train through the valley, stopping off to explore towns and villages along the way. If the buildings weren’t covered in flowers, they had giant murals on the walls (why are the buildings in England not this pretty?!).

Day Seven: This day was definitely my favourite. At breakfast, our waiter recommended a mountain walk for our last day in Mayrhofen. It was incredibly difficult, but so worth it! We were lucky to get amazing weather all day, and managed to get off the mountain before sunset.

Day Eight: As our flight was during the night, we had the day to explore Munich. It’s a wonderful city, which I’m definitely going to return to and visit properly in the future.

That concludes my little summary of what I got up to in Austria! I’ll definitely be going back for a ski season one day.

Sorry about the low quality of my photos, they were taken on my iPod camera.


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