What’s on my Halloween playlist?

It’s the weekend of Halloween parties, dancing to MJ’s Thriller, and doing the Time Warp (again) in our spooky costumes. Here are some songs to get you into the Halloween spirit:

  1. Tainted Love – Soft Cell
    Everyone knows this eerie classic! If you’re looking for something a little darker (or even some costume inspiration) have a listen to Marilyn Manson‘s version.
  2. The Monster – Eminem ft. Rihanna
    It isn’t a party unless everyone on the dancefloor unleashes their inner rap god.
  3. Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    First of all, how is this song 7 years old already?! The music video features a dancing werewolf, a headless singing woman and lots of glitter and confetti – if that doesn’t sell it to you, nothing will.
  4. Superstition – Stevie Wonder
    You can’t go wrong with a bit of Stevie. Get your motown funk on.
  5. Seven Devils – Florence and the Machine
    From Flo’s incredible vocals to the piano notes and pounding drums, everything about this song is haunting.
  6. Highway to Hell – AC/DC
    This is one of those songs that everyone seems to be born knowing all the words to. Getting really into your air guitar isn’t shameful if everyone else at the party is doing it too. Back In Black is another great addition to your Halloween playlist.
  7. Teeth – Lady Gaga
    Gaga is no stranger to all things scary. Most of us are scared of the dentist; it’s not too late to rethink your costume!
  8. Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix
    No playlist is complete without a song by the King of the rock guitar.
  9. Maneater – Nelly Furtado
    A noughtie’s classic to get all your guests on their feet. Where on earth did Nelly go..?
  10. Haunted – Beyoncé
    You didn’t think I’d make this playlist without putting a Beyoncé song in, did you? It may have been written for 50 shades but that doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect for your Halloween playlist. The video is full of costume inspiration too.

What songs are on your Halloween playlist this year? For more playlist inspiration, check out my Summer playlist.

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17 thoughts on “What’s on my Halloween playlist?

  1. Cheerio!
    HAPPY DIWALI from India.
    This Diwali, I’m getting back to all the bloggers who follow mine and give me much love. 🙂
    Here’s an imaginary cookie for ya.
    love always,

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    1. I didn’t know that version existed, thank you so much for introducing it to me!😋 – Just to let you know, it may have been a glitch, but I wasn’t able to listen to the song via your post as apparently the particular video is no longer available.


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