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The 3 Day Quote Challenge – Day One

After a short break (which I am very sorry for, and have explained briefly here) I’m back with a 3 day quote challenge. I’ll be back to my usual posting next week, so keep your eyes peeled. I was nominated by the wonderful Jo Smith, otherwise know as The Inquisitive Writer! Be sure to check out her blog.


  • Show the challenge on your blog.
  • Thank your nominator.
  • Pick a favourite quote, explain what it means and tell your readers why you chose that quote.
  • Nominate people for every post (I won’t be doing this – if you want to do the quote challenge then please do, I’d love to read your posts!)
  • Post the challenge once a day for 3 days and include one quote for each post.

I know the rules specifically state one quote for each post, but as a quote-lover (with a Pinterest board to prove it) and a reckless rebel (do not yet have proof for this, hang in there) I’ve decided to post 3 quotes each day, and each day will have a theme; today’s theme being ‘follow your dreams’ which I know is super cheesy, but I love cheese, so I’m serving it up to you on a silver platter:

Many hours of my childhood were spent delving into the wonderful worlds that Dahl created. His books are brimming with poignant quotes, yet it’s a quote directly from Dahl, not his works, that has stuck with me the most. If you want something in life, you cannot sit around and wait for it.
This quote is like a punch in the face. A big fear of mine is of leading a mediocre life. We all have a comfort zone, it may be safe but it’s likely that it’s also rather mundane; stepping out of it will be uncomfortable and perhaps a little terrifying, but it opens us up to so many possibilities. When I’m feeling anxious about a situation, this quote helps me to push and challenge myself to do things I never thought I could.
Okay, this one isn’t a quote, it’s a poem*, but I had to put it in as it’s brilliant. I’ve read it over and over and every time it gives me goosebumps. The imagery is astonishingly beautiful and it’s a powerful reminder that our downfalls are not always our darkest moments.

And last but not least, thank you so much for 200 followers! I was shocked by 100 and I’m completely astounded by 200. I’m loving blogging, and have certainly missed it in the short time that I’ve been quiet! I cannot wait to continue sharing my words on this little space.

What’s a quote that reminds you to keep on following your dreams?
*Does anyone know who wrote this poem?


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