Blog Celebration

Yesterday (9th October 2016) marked the one year anniversary of audreywritesabroad and to celebrate, she created the blog birthday tag so that other bloggers can celebrate and be proud of their blogging achievements!

Blogging requires a lot of dedication, and it can be difficult if you get into a slump, so it’s important that we celebrate our victories, both big and small.

Here are the rules:

  1. Say youโ€™re a champion out loud. (Do it, it feels great.)
  2. Write a post in which you answer the questions below. (You can change or add questions if you want to.)
  3. Tag as many blogging champions as you wish (feel free to do it even if you aren’t tagged!) so we can all create a huge chain of Champ Happiness.
  4. Let those Champs know you tagged them.
  5. Link this page in your post so I can read everyoneโ€™s answers and know more about you!


How old is your blog?
ElizaBelle was created on the 3oth July 2016, making my blog a whole 73 days old (still a baby blog!). This also means that my blog is a Leo.

What was your blog’s first words?
The first blog post I made on ElizaBelle was What’s on my Summer Playlist? – which may soon be joined by a Halloween playlist post.

What are you most proud about your blog?
I am so amazed and grateful at how quickly my blog has gained a little following, and that so many people read/comment/ask questions about what I write on this space!

What are your hopes for your blog’s future?
My aim is that I will continue to post regularly and perhaps one day I might even treat my blog to it’s own domain name.

In what Hogwarts House is your blog, and why?
I think the sorting hat would place ElizaBelle in Gryffindor. I threw my blog into the blogging world without having a clear aim, and there’s been a lot of times where I’ve thought ‘this content isn’t interesting enough’ or ‘who am I kidding, this blog will never amount to much’ but I’m still here making posts, proving myself wrong.

I tag:
The Inquisitive Writer
The Bookie MonstersGirls Geek
Hello Lavender
Tasia xxSofiaaDotpinotandpeeptoes

If you don’t want to create a post, feel free to share your blogging achievements in the comments!


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