Monthly Favourites

September Favourites

Another month, another monthly favourites post! Autumn has officially arrived (yay!) and Halloween is just around the corner – I won’t mention Christmas just yet. The leaves are turning beautiful shades of red and orange, whilst conkers and acorns are beginning to scatter themselves across the ground. Here’s what I’ve been loving throughout September: 

  • Skincare: The colder days have caused my skin to become a little dry, I’ve been tackling this with two products from The Body Shop‘s Vitamin E range: the Moisture Cream during the day and the Aqua Boost Sorbet at night time. They keep my skin hydrated, and they smell great too.
  • Makeup: When it was time for me to replace my makeup sponge, I decided to try the Precision Blending Sponge by B. rather than my usual one (by Real Techniques), it was almost half the price and turned out to be just as good! I’ll definitely be repurchasing.
  • Clothes: I’m really into Olivia Burton watches – there’s so many to choose from! I went for one of their Big Dial watches with gold plating and a tortoishell patent leather strap. To add to my scarf collection, I picked up a large tartan scarf from, wait for it, F&F at Tesco! It has arm holes in it, how could I not resist?
  • Nails: At the moment, I’m really into simple nude and grey nail polishes, like ‘Knitted Jumper’ and ‘Grey Skies’ by Technic.
  • Fragrance: I’ve always loved the light, floral scents of the Marc Jacob fragrances, so when I saw Violet (a limited edition perfume) in duty free, I had to pick it up. It smells gorgeous and the pinky-purple metallic packaging is super pretty.
  • Entertainment: Rainy evenings have given me the chance to watch a handful of great films like Good Will Hunting, Inception and Dead Poets Society (any film with Robin Williams in is bound to be worth seeing!). And last but not least, if you live in the UK then you’re probably keeping up with the Great British Bakeoff – comment down below who you think will be this year’s champion! 

What have your September favourites been?


10 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. Oh wow those Olivia burton watches are gorgeous!! Love your little collection of favourites 🙂 I have to admit i’m not up to date on the last few episodes of bake off, but from what i’ve seen, I want Selasi or Andrew to win. Who are you rooting for? x

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  2. Need to try that precision sponge by B,i’m down to my last RTs sponge.I’ve just started using the caudalie sorbet (never used one before) ill grab that body shop one now to.Love your favs and i want candice to do well on the GBBO but i think jane will win X

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