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Autumn Favourites

Autumn is, undoubtedly, my favourite season. As much as I love the heat of Summer, I can’t help but love the chill of Autumn a little bit more. There are so many great things about Autumn, here’s what I’m most looking forward to:

  • Cosy Clothes! My go-to outfit during autumn is skinny jeans, an oversized jumper and a blanket scarf (because why wear a regular sized scarf when you can go large?). Last year I bought a blanket scarf from Zara and a snood from Topshop, I can’t wait until the weather becomes cold enough that it’s acceptable for me to wear them again!
  • Candles. I adore scented candles (especially vanilla and cinnamon) and the warm, peaceful glow they give to a room. Ted Baker have a gorgeous smelling collection of candles.
  • Bonfire Night… I feel like the excitement for Guy Fawkes night gets a little lost behind the hype for Halloween; what’s not to like about an evening spent around a bonfire toasting marshmallows, watching the sky be lit up by colourful fireworks? Oh, and sparklers.
  • Boots. Heeled boots, ankle boots, lace-up boots, thigh high boots, I love them all. Asos and Aldo already have fantastic selections.
  • Autumnal food! Say hello to pumpkin spice everything. I feel like Autumn is a time for comfort food – hot soup, flapjacks, hot stew and warm pies. And, with Christmas looming, Costa bring out their gingerbread flavoured drinks, yum.
  • Autumn Leaves. I couldn’t really make a post about Autumn without mentioning the leaves, could I?


What do you love most about Autumn?


4 thoughts on “Autumn Favourites

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I love cosying up indoors with candles and warm clothes–and going for long walks in London on crisp, bright days with regular stops at coffee shops! I enjoy the fact that the new rugby and NFL seasons start, too.

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