Why did I start a blog?

Ever heard the saying ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’? It’s painfully cliché but it has always stuck with me. I’m one of those people who is average at most things, a little better than being awful at everything but not quite as good as being fabulous at everything. Writing is the exception for me. Writing is something that I love, it comes naturally to me and it never feels like hard work (well, unless I’m sitting an exam).

I spent hours as a child writing stories and plays, inspired by my favourite authors, fuelled by my wild imagination. Thursday became my favourite day at school as I knew I would have an hour to let my ideas run rampant through the pages of my creative writing book, all shyness forgotten  as I read out my latest adventure to my classmates.

This passion for writing dwindled when I reached secondary school, writing was no longer an expressive outlet through which I could be free with words. There were rules I had to adhere to, a box in which I had to fit in order to achieve a decent grade. My creativity was watered down with word limits, cornered by time restrictions, moulded into something so much less than what it could have been.

Having now left school, I have the time to write again; where better to to do it than on a blogging platform filled with passionate readers and dedicated writers? Although the purpose and direction of this blog remains unclear to me, to read what others have written, and to then share my own work for the world to see, is amazing and a journey on which I am incredibly excited to be on.



6 thoughts on “Why did I start a blog?

  1. Very lovely post! Sounds exactly like me – I’ve always loved writing but all the regulations kept me uninspired. Thankfully I’m in this amazing class right now where I can feel free to say whatever I want and write whatever, which is extremely freeing. Keep on blogging 🙂 congratulations on 60 followers 🙂

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