My Top 5 Foundations

Foundation is an essential step in many a makeup routine. We can experiment with a variety of lip colours and blush shades but when it comes to foundation, it’s important that we find the perfect match for our skin. Over the years, I have tried and tested numerous foundations, some have been successful whilst others have been less so. Here are my five favourites:

  1. Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer by Clinique (£25) – Just a small amount of this product is enough to provide medium-full coverage of the entire face, with little/no need for concealer to cover any rogue blemishes. Despite the coverage, the formula feels very lightweight and allows your skin to breathe throughout the day (a must if you are prone to breakouts, like me!).
  2. 123 Perfect Foundation by Bourjois (£10.99) – Bourjois is a brand I find myself going back to again and again; I adore this foundation, it really does make my skin look radiant. The pigments within it counteract dullness, dark circles and redness, leaving you with a flawless complexion. What’s more, the cotton flower extract prevents you from looking oily later in the day.
  3. Oxygen Wow by Benefit (£26.50) – Depending on your preference, this product can provide a light coverage or a full coverage, making it great for every day use. It stays put and looks incredibly natural. Oh, and this foundation gets brownie points for having a high SPF.
  4. Perfection Lumiere by Chanel (£33-£36) – This product smells heavenly and it glides onto the skin like silk. Although the foundation is matte, you are not left looking chalky or eerily 2D (trust me, I’ve met matte foundations that have done this to my poor face) but are instead left with a beautiful, smooth base.
  5. Studio Fix Fluid by Mac (£22) – Last but by no means least. This foundation controls oil all day long and is resistant to sweat and humidity, meaning it won’t slide off your face in summer! Whenever I wear this product, I feel so much more confident as the coverage is amazing. I tend to wear this when I go out as it’s not quite as long-wearing as the above foundations.

If you would like a more in-depth review/discussion on any of these products, let me know!


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