What's in my..?

What’s in my bag?

Besides the obvious things like my purse, my phone, and a disconcerting collection of receipts and ancient bus tickets, here’s what I always keep in my bag:

Chewing gum – Bad breath is never a good idea so it’s always helpful to have a packet of minty gum handy. What’s more, it can help you to relax when you’re feeling anxious or agitated (is that just me or..?).

Makeup essentials – For me this would be concealer, mascara, a lip balm and perhaps a powder. For others this might mean a whole makeup bag. You never know when you might need it.

Bobbles & grips – Sometimes it takes us a few hours to realise that it is far too windy or far too humid a day to have even considered having our hair down, it’s okay, we all do it.

Diary/Journal – I would not get through my day without a list to keep me in check or a place to jot down my ideas and future plans. If you’re a writer, something like this (even a small notebook) is incredibly helpful.

Umbrella – If you are from England, this one needs no explanation.

Sun cream – Despite it raining very often here in Britain, the sun does actually come out on the odd occasion (rack your brains, I promise you’ve seen it). It’s actually been said that we should wear sunscreen even when it’s cloudy.


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