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July Favourites

As July draws to a close, I’m left wondering where it went. It seems only moments ago that I was rushing to the bus stop bundled up in my winter coat and scarf. Whilst I do love the cosiness of the winter months, there is something more than wonderful about the extended days and soaring temperatures of summer. This is what I’ve been loving during the month of July:

  • Skincare: Although England is not the sunniest of places, I still think it’s very wise to wear sun cream every day. I go for Nivea’s anti-age face sun cream (factor 30) as it’s affordable and smells divine! As for my moisturiser, the fruity smell of Soap and Glory’s body buttercream in Sugar Crush makes me feel like I’m somewhere hot, and it leaves my skin silky smooth.
  • Makeup: Most days, I feel my usual foundations are too heavy for the humidity and take quite a while to apply, so instead I’ve been using The Body Shop’s tea tree flawless BB cream which actually improves your complexion over time. If I’m not wearing my favourite Rimmel London lipstick in Birthday Suit (250), I like to keep my lips hydrated with Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm with vitamin E & peppermint.
  • Clothes: I believe that whilst shoes should be gorgeous, they should also be comfortable, Asics Gel-Kayano Evo trainers (white) deliver in both of these areas. When it comes to wearing shorts, I cannot boast that I’m their biggest fan, I much prefer a floaty skirt or my Superdry maxi dress in french navy.
  • Nails: A few months ago I had a gel manicure, it was absolutely gorgeous but lasted far too long for someone who likes to change their nail colour frequently, that’s why I love Barry M’s Gelly nail polish (particularly in the colour ‘Rose Hip’).
  • Fragrance: Usually, it is with great strain that I come to switch out my warm, vanilla-esque winter fragrances for the fresher, fruitier summer ones. Donna by Valentino made that switch a little easier this year, it’s sweet without being too heavy.
  • Entertainment: Somehow, I reached my 18th year of life without having read Pride and Prejudice. Now, I have read it and fallen in love with it. Something else I encountered during the month of July was the ‘Nouvelle Vague’ through  watching Breathless, an interesting film to say the least. And finally, all my social media accounts seem to have been bombarded with the poetry of Rupi Kaur. In a world where inequality is still as current as ever, her words are vital.

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